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4th Annual UVA Army ROTC RJ Hess Memorial 5K Run (2017) Active

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3 Andrew Montgomery $52.79
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6 Erin D Hickey $26.55
7 Courtney Sullivan $25.00

On April 23rd, 2013, 1LT RJ Hess was killed in the service of his country in Pul-E-Alam, Afghanistan. 1LT Hess was a graduate of the University of Virginia Army ROTC program and was respected as a genuine leader by his peers. In memory of 1LT Hess, UVa Army ROTC established the 1LT Hess Leadership Award and Scholarship, which is presented annually to a Fourth Year Cadet who embodies the attributes of moral courage, integrity, and selfless service. By participating in the RJ Hess Memorial 5k, you can help develop future generations of leaders in the US Army.


We are honored to be helping again this year as the fundraising page to raise money for the RJ Hess Memorial 5k, which will be held on April 22, 2017 – the day prior to the four-year anniversary of RJ’s death. Our goal is to raise $5,000 to provide ROTC scholarship opportunities to the UVa ROTC program. Give whatever you can, or create your own personal page by clicking "Join the team" to launch your own page to your network of people to raise funds and awareness for the AMAZING inspiration RJ was. Thank you for any support you can offer!


For for more information and/or to register to run the 5k, click here:

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2515 Apr 19, 17 06:1 PM $52.79 Andrew, Paige, and Charlotte Montgomery Andrew Montgomery
2514 Apr 19, 17 07:53 AM $50.00 Carole R Tomhave
2509 Apr 06, 17 09:10 AM $200.00 A very worthy cause for a warrior and a hero to so many. James Hickey
2507 Mar 28, 17 10:9 AM $0.00 Unregistered User
2505 Mar 26, 17 08:27 PM $100.00 We remember your smile! Kathryn Lowrey
2504 Mar 22, 17 07:14 PM $26.55 Thomas n linder
2503 Mar 22, 17 05:35 PM $26.55 Very worthy cause in honor of a very inspirational young man! Erin D Hickey
2502 Mar 22, 17 11:14 AM $25.00 Courtney Sullivan
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