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Caroline Minckler

Location: College Station TX

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The A&M Consolidated High School Choir is planning a trip to New York City in March 2017 to perform in Carnegie Hall and to see the sights in the Big Apple. This is an incredible opportunity for our group, and we would like to make it possible for as many students as possible to attend without incurring a significant financial burden.

Our goals is to raise $10,000 or more by the end of October, which would significantly reduce the cost of this trip for our students, directors and chaperones. Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated.

You may give to your favorite choir member to help him or her win a fundraising prize, however, all donations made to this campaign will go to the AMCHS Choir Booster Club. Those funds will be equally distributed equally to all choir members attending the trip, regardless of their participation in fundraising.    


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