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Cameron Short

Location: Hilliard OH

Joined: Sep 7, 2014

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Welcome to the Friends & Family Fundraising page for Hilliard Rowing Association!

Rowers and parents alike are thrilled to begin the rowing season. Rowers have been training on and off the water, as well as cleaning, rigging and refurbishing the HRA boats for this season's regattas. 

Our fundraising goal is a mighty $6,000. Each HRA rower will benefit from the money raised. Your support allows us to maintain our equipment, including dock, boat and oars and hopefully purchase new boats! HRA is run by volunteer board members and parents. 

Thank you for supporting HRA crew.  We encourage you to share this page with other friends and family that may be inspired to donate to HRA.  The donation process is fast and easy.  All donations are secure and will be sent to HRA through Raising Karma who will email you a printable record of your donation. If you have any questions, please contact your HRA rower or feel free to email

Hope to see you at a regatta!  Our fall regatta schedule is posted at  

If you would like to write a check - write the check payable to Hilliard Rowing Association. You can give the check to your rower or mail to Hilliard Rowing Association, 4739 Shire Ridge Road West, Hilliard OH 43206.  Your check will serve as your receipt.

About HRA

The Hilliard Rowing Association is a 501c3 non-profit organization. HRA is dedicated in providing an opportunity for Hilliard area high school boys and girls to learn and compete in the the sport of rowing.  The Club fosters a competitive rowing environment and encourages the development of good sportsmanship and the art of teamwork. Want to learn more about HRA? Please visit our website at

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1142 Sep 25, 14 09:30 AM $30.00 Row, Row, Row your boat- Go Cameron! Camela Ryan
1123 Sep 12, 14 01:47 PM $40.00 Lizabeth Cedeno
1122 Sep 12, 14 01:21 PM $20.00 Go Cam Go!!! See you in Cleveland. Deanna M Andrasko
1121 Sep 12, 14 09:48 AM $30.00 Ivy Macioce
1120 Sep 11, 14 09:57 PM $100.00 Barbara Short
1112 Sep 09, 14 09:5 PM $30.00 Have a great season Cameron! Karen Kaiser
1110 Sep 09, 14 08:12 PM $50.00 Matthew b short
1108 Sep 09, 14 10:8 AM $100.00 Great job Cameron! Good luck this season! We are very proud of you! Pat and Mark Mark J Short
1107 Sep 09, 14 09:41 AM $20.00 Courtney N Holland
1104 Sep 07, 14 06:5 PM $25.00 Discover Card
1103 Sep 07, 14 05:52 PM $20.00 Tamara L Short
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166 Sep 10, 14 02:37 PM Cameron - Thank you and your family and friends for supporting HRA! Lucy West