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Asking for money has never been easier!  With a few clicks of your computer mouse, you'll quickly create your very own "Raising Karma" fundraising webpage linked to the Make LemonAide Foundation for CP's Walk, Run, Roll 5k in Lauren's Shoes.

"Be Corageous!"

"We Won't Stop!"


Get started today. Here's how:

Step 1. Click on the "Join The Team" button above.

Step 2.  Logon via facebook or create your own user name email ID and PW. ..then follow the super easy instructions for setting up your own fundraising page--in your name! 

FYI: You can choose your campaign goal, upload photos, add personalized messages, stories and links, invite friends, and more!  All donations made by your friends will show up on your webpage, and will be added to the Make LemonAide Foundation - A Walk/Run/Roll in Lauren's Shoes "Event" campaign goal. "Raising Karma" will handle ALL of the money (and send it to Make LemonAide Foundation for CP), and will send an email to your donors (and to you) acknowledging their donations. You can even personalize your 'thank you' message.

Step 3. Spread the word. "Raising Karma" enables you to invite friends and family to donate to your personalized Walk, Run, Roll in Lauren's Shoes campaign via Facebook, Twitter, emails, etc.

Step 4. Enjoy the warm feeling of knowing you're helping battle CP!

If you havent registered for the race yet, you can reigster for the 5k here -

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