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Help Raise $5,000 to kickstart The First Lego League program in 4 rural villages in Southern India!

Help create the first robotics educational program in four rural schools, Shimoga, Tumkur, Udupi in Karnataka, and Waynad town in Kerela, India. Each school has 20- 30 children of different age groups from many surrounding villages. We need $5000 in order to fund these programs. All, 100%, of the proceeds will directly fund the robotics program.

The funds will be used to purchase,  MindStorm EV3 kits, replacement lego bricks & parts, teacher training and coaching material and if possible a mission table.

Arodhum Robotics, its story

by Manju Reddy


There is nothing more rewarding than lighting a spark, an interest in a young mind, who finds that an idea carries such a merit that doing something about it collectively, can bring a meaningful change.  Here is how I experienced it first hand and sharing so you feel compelled to join me in this journey. 

Every year, I travel to southern India. I get invited to village schools either because a teacher is interested in Arodhum’s programs or wants us to pick their school for our programs.  In July 2015, my 11-year-old son and I were visiting JNV Shimoga, set a few kilometers away from Shimoga city. The school's pink entrance walls in their warmth led us straight to an on going class discussion on pollination, an 8th grade science classroom.  The perfect setting of this school really grabbed my attention for some time.  I was amazed to be in the midst of rustic setting lush with tropical trees, faint whistles of birds, an intermittent screech from a monkey, and a faint roar from an elephant in a near by conservation area.  

As Mr. Prem Kumar (head of the school) and I talked and walked the campus, visiting the school library, their new computer lab, the dining hall and finally the kitchen, I could sense Mr. Kumar’s eagerness to learn from his questions on the US early education and kind of activities that teachers had to inspire kids. My son on the other hand was walking with a 10th grade boy and began talking about each other favorite activities at school. The 1oth grader wanted to know if my son had a robotics program in school? What kind of robots did they build? What could the robot do? Where did my son obtain the material to build the robots? Yes you heard it right, Robotics… This 10th grader wanted to know if my son had robotics in school.  My son who had participated in FLL (First Lego League) for two years was beyond thrilled that half way around the globe in a rural school, a boy just like him, wanted to know about Robotics.  My son shared his FLL experience. 

I come home and write an email to thank Mr. Kumar for our visit and he replies with a request: Could he get more information to start a Robotics club in his school.  So for the past 8 months, my conversations (phone calls and emails) with him and his three other colleagues (JNV Tumkur, JNV Udupi, and JNV Waynad) and our special advisor, A. N. Ramachandra have centered on how to make this happen? My biggest challenge goes beyond starting the Robotics club. How do we engage and sustain the interest level of students and persevere over many years to appreciate the success of an intense effort. 

As I plan the details, we enlist the support of nearby engineering college and their faculty and students in India.  Then comes a proposal that I shared with my board members to see what they think. As I pen these thoughts, I’m reaching out for guidance and support within our network and from community members who have an expertise and experience in FLL in the US.  I can't wait for Robotics club’s milestones: first crawl toward first steps, walking, running and in the race at FLL. I’m keenly aware that to succeed against many odds, I need a band of supporters. As we prepare to launch of our first year, I also appreciate how an idea can become significant and worth our collective effort. I think this is how good ideas spread…

So please, donate to our cause and ask your family and friends to donate to this fundraiser too!


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