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Brendan is a beautiful innocent 15 yr old boy who has Autism, PDD,mild MR.,and seizure disorder, and can only function at about 2yr old level.Day to day life is very difficult and often painful.Sights sounds things that come easy to a (normal) individual are are very hard things such as eating, taking a bath, or brushing teeth or even sleeping. He can only sleep 2hrs a night the rest of the night is pacing about rocking laughing and squeeling . My husband and i do our best to take turns keeping him safe and calm. but more is needed.We have a Dr. in Denver that specializes in Autism and sleep problems that come with this however his medicaid wont pay for it or the traveling there.This medication would greatly increase his quality of life and we could reduce the ammount of medications he has to take now he has to take about 12 diffrent pills just to get those two hrs of sleep.

Also accosiated with Autism is sensory issues, such as taking a bath is scary and almost painful, noises sight and sound is prosses diffrently in his world. sometimes there is self harm from ether too much sensory or not enough, a sensory room that is safe and closed from the world is needed, our hopes are to build one for him as well as get addional devices, just to walk into school he needs a weightvest, sunglasses,noise cancleing headphones, and tracking device, to escape things he runs off, putting him at risk. for example one day things had changed, change is hard, his bus driver was different and there was not an aid on his special bus, he was scared and jumped out the window took is pants off and ran up the highway in the middle of the can imamgine my reaction to the call from the police who were sheaching for him..we have resolved this issue but there are many more, specialized equipment and services needed to help him through school and life..Many days he will cry saying he hates his brain he is smart enough to know something is differmt about him,but unable to understand what Autism is,as a parent it is heart breaking to see this and know that we can't fix him, but we can provide medication and tratment that can inprove some of the things that happen in his miind, and can make his home life easier by building this sensory room that can make him feel more at ease and block out the things that overwhelm him..If you can help please donate, if not please spread the word. feel free to contact me directly at my name is Angela

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