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Glimpse Magazine is a literary, photojournalistic, illustrative, and artistic exploration of what it means to live in Ann Arbor. We want to capture the glimpses of everyday life and share them to build an appreciation for the small, beautiful moments. The magazine was started by University of Michigan students with a strong passion for Ann Arbor and creative expression.

We want to publish our next issue in March -- this time, with a greater audience and greater output. However, publishing costs are high, and we didn't receive as much funding through micro-grants as we had hoped. Our 2nd issue will focus on "everyday passions" in Ann Arbor -- a local coffeeshop started by an Ann Arbor native, a nonprofit located in Ann Arbor that benefits wildlife, and an obscure craft violin maker who calls this city his home. We've begun photographing, designing, writing, and illustrating -- we just need a financial boost!

Follow us on Twitter or Instagram (@GlimpseAnnArbor) and Tumblr (, or e-mail us at

Check out our first issue here:

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