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We are high school students of the Americain School of Santo Domingo and participate in GIN (Global Issues Network), a student-led program that aims to solve twnety of the world's most pressing problems in the next twenty years. Our subject of focus is ecosystem loss and we are working in the town of Cielo, Santo Domingo. When we first saw the living conditions in Cielo, we felt sympathy for its people and made a commitment to help them. The main problem there is the excess trash/waste and improper, inadequate disposal of trash. The trash affects the residents' daily lives; they are getting sick easily because the trash contaminates their water, food and environment. They have no idea to deal with this condition, and have made little effort to solve it. We know that if we work together with the community, we can change their environmental conditions and give them a higher standard of living . Cielo is located near a beautiful, green valley and its residents deserve an equally beautiful and clean environment.

We proposed to build a trash collection center to dispose their trash. As a community service project, all the students participate to construct a trash collection by doing manual labor and educating the citizens about the importance of proper trash disposal. In order to build a trash collection center, we need materials, such as concrete, wood, sand,  wire lines, etc., and transportation to and from Cielo. As you may know, we are all students, so if you would like to help them, please donate some money to support them! They need help! We are going to work with you!

If you have any questions contact: (Jacob McLouth) or (Tiffany Lee)

Thank you! 

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344 Mar 11, 14 08:2 PM $200.00 Nate McLouth
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322 Mar 07, 14 07:10 AM $10.00 Allyson Putt
319 Mar 06, 14 04:59 PM $26.00 I gave more $ than Dad did. Christopher J McLouth
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275 Feb 19, 14 09:38 PM $50.00 Lindsey Snoes
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266 Feb 19, 14 11:15 AM $25.00 Good work! Colin Schweigert
262 Feb 19, 14 10:23 AM $25.00 ANNABEL ROSE MAJENDIE
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257 Feb 18, 14 09:40 PM $25.00 Richard McLouth
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