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Congratulations Everyone! With your help we have raised > $10,000.00!!! We are building a school in India!!!

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What is Glow for the Girls?

Glow for the Girls is the first of it's kind, a GLOW IN THE DARK 5k devoted to raising awareness about Human Trafficking. Our mission is to unite the University of Maryland campus community to stand against the exploitation and enslavement of over 27 million people in the world today.

Where Do We Work?

We are focusing our efforts on INDIA, a country with 12% of its children in child labor conditions. Approximately half of the world's slaves are estimated to be from India, with over 5x as many people forced into slave-wage labor, forced sex, or forced domestic work (that often involves both sex and labor). We will show the world that the University of Maryland and its Students are united against this horrible violation of human rights. We are raising money to build schools in communities with extreme poverty and limited access to education. By providing education, we can reduce child/family vulnerability to exploitation and help break the cycle of poverty in these regions. With education, we can empower children, families, communities, and even the nation in the fight against poverty and vulnerability to human trafficking!

Where is my Money Going?

All money donated to this event will be donated to Free The Children, a charity which builds schools and supports their operation in many countries around the world. They have the HIGHEST rating by several of the non-profit/charity rating bureaus, with only 10% being used for operation/administrative costs... thats right, 90% of all donations go directly to funding projects in communities where the funding is needed! 

Amount Equivalent
$25 A school kit for a child in India or plants 10 trees in a school
$50 Can provide health kid for a student
$1000 Can provide teacher education programs
$10000 Can build a school/school room in India

Everyone who registers to race/donate will receive email updates about the schools being built in India! YOU get to see exactly what we are working for!

For more information, click:


Why Human Trafficking?

Human Trafficking, or the trade of humans for the purpose of sexual slavery, forced labor, or for the extraction of organs and tissues affects an estimated 27 million individuals worldwide. Beyond our borders, especially in developing countries, gaps in education, wealth, and safety enable the exploitation of millions of children and their families. Without a stable source of education, many families and their children are vulnerable to the manipulation and deceit of traffickers who promise education, employment, or simply an escape from their current situation. Often times children are sold or given to traffickers in hopes that they will find opportunity elsewhere, only to find themselves trapped in a brothel or labor camp, unable to escape. Education has the power to change the lives of these children by teaching them marketable skills, self-confidence, safety, and that they are far more valuable than just their bodies. $10,000 will build a single school or school room in India, a country with high levels of child sex and labor trafficking.
*** It is estimated that 1/2 of all of the world's slaves are in/from India 
(total = 13.9 million)*** (

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