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To cover partial costs of bringing a music class to at-risk youth at a middle school in rural Honduras, we are aiming for a minimum of $10,000 in funds raised.

heart My personal goal is $5,000 to cover program fees for two scholarship students and to purchase mp3 players for the students to learn practice their music at home. Many students do not have electricity in their homes. heart

The student program July 19-26 is just part of a larger initiative to bring music programs to at-risk youth in many nations.  Our goal for the year? $300,00.

Funds go towards:

  • Purchasing instruments and training supplies
  • On-boarding a videographer, teachers, translators
  • Providing partial scholarships for students.
  • Any additional funds will go toward supporting the larger effort to empower at-risk middle school students through music by expanding the program, building a separate music room with a recording booth, printing text books, administrative costs including marketing and legal fees as a non-profit, establishing scholarships for US needs-based students and Honduran students to continue schooling.
If you have a high school or college student interested in joining or would like to donate your skills to this or another expedition, visit for more details and reserve your spot ASAP.

About the ME Project:
The Music Empowerment Project is a nonprofit providing music education programs abroad designed to empower participants by exploring individual worth, cultivating a desire to succeed, and promoting global awareness and service. 

Leveraging poverty stricken nations where NGOs are present and utilizing a peer assisted learning (PAL) model, music industry professionals and music minded high school and college students from United States teach abroad and create cross cultural learning experiences.

This program forms partnerships with established NGOs and their supported schools to create and promote music programs to generate a heightened awareness of and appreciation for music and its positive impacts on youth. Through partner programs in the US, ME Project will select need-based scholarship students to enable them to participate in the ME Project efforts abroad.

ME’s goal is to empower youth to discover and embrace their individuality through music by providing an outlet for personal expression, opportunities for cultural appreciation, and the setting to develop a sense of self-confidence and a belief that they can overcome any economic barriers.

The program is designed in three parts:

  • Spring: Music basics to all 7th and 8th grade students.
  • Summer: Instrumentation & vocal training for students displaying most interest in music program. Students plan a community wide concert to share their talents. Curriculum integrates how music affects moods, how it moves us, and how it inspires creativity. Curriculum features weekly themes pertaining to self-appreciation, creativity, drug avoidance, human trafficking awareness, and innovation.
  • Fall: Mini recording academy. Music engineers return to host school to record songs performed during summer concert.

ME has a vision to provide students with scholarships that enable them to return to school for their 8th and 9th grade years and ultimately provide scholarships to the top performers who wish to attend high school.

The music empowerment project comes about in response to the great need for an understanding of self-worth and a need for better education in rural and poverty stricken communities of the world to help path at-risk youth toward success.  In Honduras, for instance, the middle school enrollment rate is as low as 30% due to factors including costs associated with middles school attendance, low student interest in attending school, little understanding of benefits of a middle school education.

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