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Challenging and Exciting Curriculum for Students

I am a founding Board member of Yo Oceans! and I am raising money for our organization. Your donation will help bring marine mammals programs into elementary and high schools across the nation. Our pilot programs were wildly successful. Students and educators loved them because they were new, exciting, relevant and complex.

Each of our programs challenges students to use their critical thinking skills and examine scientific, historical, moral and ethical issues surrounding topics like the Taiji dolphin drive hunts, ocean conservation, animal welfare and animal rights. 

Curriculum in Development

Yo Oceans! is also developing curriculum that will allow students to study captive marine mammals and compare them to their wild counterparts. Students will compare and contrast habitats, health, life expectancy, social dynamics, and threats to wild populations and captive populations. 

Many Supporters

We have the support of marine biologists, marine mammal trainers, educators and administrators. Our programs are thorough, thought provoking and provocative and appropriate for 6th through 12th grade classrooms. 

We Provide Guest Speakers to Classroom

In September of 2014 Yo Oceans! facilitated a webcast to over 500 students featuring Dr. Naomi Rose who spoke about what happens to ocean biodiversity, cetacean social structures, when wild orca or dolphins are taken from their wild pods. 

One Stop Shop for Educators

All curriculum will meet Common Core State Standards. We will provide a one stop shop for educators seeking to bring this curriculum into elementary and high school classrooms. Yo Oceans! will also provide need based mini-grants to teachers who wish to purchase literature or DVD's for the classroom. 

All donations are tax exempt. Please contact us to learn more about our curriculum programs, to volunteer, or to become a corporate sponsor. 


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