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Whether you are raising funds for medical bills, school books, funeral expenses, a club, an invention you created, or a cause close to you, Raising Karma's easy to use tools take your ideas and in a few easy steps, allow you to take action to inspire the future.


Create your fundraising campaign from scratch for a local cause, or from our detailed list of established 501c3 non-profits, through which all donations will be sent directly to your selected charity, and your donors will receive a tax deductible receipt from the charity they are supporting.


In return for the generous support of your donors, the inclusion of a perk is a great way to say thank you.


Every campaign is different, Raising Karma provides you the ability to set your fundraising goals without any limitation of time or amount you want to raise.


Taking time to make a video with high quality images can have a substantial effect on your success, by giving viewers the ability to understand your cause and build empathy towards your mission.

  • Choose larger, high resolution photos that are clear
  • Videos are the most impactful way to communicate with your potential supporters, and can drastically improve your success rate. Fundraisers using videos raise up to 70% more on average
    • ASK people for their support
    • Let everybody know how great your perks are
    • Make sure you THANK EVERYONE for the potential support
    • ASK your friends to SHARE your efforts and story with their friends

Create your campaign in a flash, and make it personal!

  • Your project title should be straight forward, precise, and UNFORGETTABLE
  • Your project image should be CLEAR and DESCRIPTIVE of your mission
  • Write a bio to tell supporters WHO YOU ARE, and why raising these funds are so important to you personally
  • SHARE on social media

A great campaign can lead to unlimited support from your own network, as well as a broader reach through social media when your campaign goes viral.

Tips include:

  • Focus on a simple, personal message
  • Share your passion with friends and family through email, and social media posts
  • Market your cause to the broader audience
  • Send out reminders to keep your project in front of others
  • Personal touch and contacting people individually keeps you in front of your supporters
  • Update your supporters on the success of the fundraising towards your goals
  • Thank supporters in appreciation of their donation

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