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Marine Conservation Curriculum for Schools

Your tax deductible donation will support bringing marine mammal and ocean conservation programs into elemetary and high schools throughout the US.

Exciting, Relevant and Engaging Classroom Programs

Yo Oceans! provides lesson plans, video's, articles, and literature that examines the historical relevance and impact of Taiji dolphin drive hunts and as well as the history of whaling in different parts of the world.

We also provide curriculum that will provide students the opportunity to learn about the evolution of whaling from a historical, societal and cultural perspective. Students will examine the environmental, cultural, scientific, historical, and economic impact that whaling and over-fishing has on the biodiversity of the ocean. Finally, students will learn about captive trade of dolphins and whales and the growing demand to obtain these animals for display and shows in theme parks, swim with dolphin programs, encouter programs and marine aquariums in the US and throughout the world. 

Meets Common Core State Standards

Yo Oceans! will also develop curriculum that will  help students understand issues that threaten the world's oceans and their inhabits. Pollution, drilling for oil, plastic, over-fishing and climate change are a few examples of curriculum currently  in development. Each topic will provide educators with lesson plans that satisfy common core curriculum and college readiness. We are a one stop shop for educators looking for common core curriculum. 

Yo Oceans! is a not-for-profit formed in July of 2014. 


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